Nuno Barroso – Director of Rockstar Hubs International Lawyers Limited

Formerly a Chemical Engineer graduating from the University of NSW in Australia, and after working for Rio Tinto in the mining industry, Nuno moved to finance and financial planning, where he gained several years’ experience in the finance and property market. He then co-founded Platinum Group of Companies in Australia and Malaysia, where he worked for over 10 years in international project development.

Over the past 5 years he has travelled the globe extensively working with family offices and large international firms, to develop the GCC Global Investment Platform (
Nuno is also Director of RSHI Limited

Kundan Mishra Advisory Board – Advocate-on-Record (Supreme Court of India)

Apart from India (as advocate and legal consultant) and UK (as consultant), Kundan has handled and has been handling cases pending before the Supreme Court of Republic of Seychelles. All those matters are pertaining to Laws of Evidence, commercial and company’s law involving administration of Common law and laws relating to hedge-funds. Kundan has special interests in Comparative Constitutional Law, Comparative Commercial Law, Laws of Arbitration and Environmental Laws.

Kundan has been engaged in giving advice on the various issues relating to investment of foreign funds, promoting investment into the companies, issues relating to financial transactions, laws relating to and dealing with international investments covering European Countries such as UK and France – as well as India, Singapore, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

He has been engaged for giving advice in issues relating to Property laws in the United Kingdom, Company laws and Employment Laws, and was appointed as Amicus Curiae for the Supreme Court of India for year 2012-14 which has been further extended till year 2016. Kundan has also been a member of the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF JURISTS.